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Terra Verde

670 Memorial Ave, Qualicum Beach, BC

Terra Verde (Green Planet) is located in the downtown core of Qualicum Beach and is a 10,600 square foot, three story, mixed use building.

Terra Verde’s Heritage Brownstone design and unique layout and location were a perfect fit for Naked Naturals Organic Market who purchased their space early in the process. Located on the top floor are two very well appointed 1350 square foot open floor plan condos that feature 10 foot ceilings and 300 square foot decks.

Some other unique features offered in Terra Verde are:

  • Vast Paver decking system. This 95% recycled rubber material is mould, mildew and UV resistant and creates a much more ergonomic and environmentally friendly solution to outdoor decking.
  • The acoustically designed decoupled, rockwool filled double stud party walls between the adjacent units also incorporates Homesote 440 sound board on both sides of the wall which provides a STC (Sound Transmission Class) rating off 66. Joist cavities were spray foamed tight for further noise reduction.
  • The acoustically designed floor assembly system also incorporates Homesote 440 sound board to which a second layer of acoustic underlayment was attached.
  • Gienow Harmony casement double glazed metal clad over vinyl (front) and vinyl (rear) windows with SOL-R Glass were used throughout.
  • DOW Weathermate Sill Pans were used to provide a continuous back dam and end dam membrane to provided added protection against wind driven rain around window openings
  • Energuide rated Maytag Kitchen Appliances were installed.
  • Carrier 50 VT-A one piece high efficiency heat pumps with built in optional Electric heater (8.0 HSPF and 14.5 SEER) were installed for each space.
  • Brick cladding – unsealed and therefore maintenance free for the lifetime of the building is proudly featured on Terra Verde

Terra Verde won Top Honours at the 2011 VIREB Commercial Building Awards Ceremony.


Terra Verde was constructed by Dean Dreger under his Amplio Development Corp Banner.